Common Faults with Gledhill Systemate 3

Common Faults and Troubleshooting with Gledhill Systemate 3 System

Note: All repair works must be performed by a qualified engineer. Refer to the Gledhill Systemate 3 manual for detailed instructions.

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1) Circulating Pump Failure:

  • Due to advanced radiator and system corrosion, circulating pumps may seize up and burn out.
  • Solution: Replace the pump and consider performing a system cleanse ('powerflush') to address the underlying corrosion issue.

2) Water Scale Contamination of Plate Heat Exchanger:

  • Hard water in certain areas can block the plate heat exchanger with calcium deposits, leading to restricted hot water flow.
  • Solution: Replace the plate heat exchanger with a new one, which is quicker and more effective than descaling the previous copper coil heat exchanger.

3) Blender Valve Failure:

  • Accumulated water scale can damage the thermostatic blender valve, resulting in only slightly warm water taps.
  • Solution: Replace the blender valve with a new one.

4) Heat Sensor Failure:

  • Hot water temperature becomes unreliable and unpredictable due to sensor failure after several years of use.
  • Solution: Replace the heat sensor to restore reliable hot water performance. The true nature of these sensors is not disclosed by Gledhill, but replacement resolves the issue.

By addressing these common faults and following the troubleshooting guide, technicians can effectively diagnose and resolve issues with the Gledhill Systemate 3 system.