Common Faults with Gledhill Systemate 2000

Common Faults and Troubleshooting Guide for Gledhill Systemate 2000 System

Note: All repair works must be performed by a qualified engineer. Refer to the Gledhill Systemate 2000 manual for detailed instructions.

Download Here : Gledhill SysteMate 2000 Manual

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Common Customer Complaints:

  1. The system is noisy
  2. Hot water service is unsatisfactory
  3. Space heating is unsatisfactory

Causes of a ‘Noisy’ System:

  1. Noisy pump operation:

    • Check F & E cistern water level, adjust if necessary, and vent the plate heat exchanger pump and system.
    • Adjust pressure in the heating/primary system and vent if needed.
    • Check boiler pump speed setting and adjust if required, ensuring temperature rise across the boiler does not exceed 11°C.
    • Check heating pump speed setting and adjust if needed, ensuring temperature difference across flow and return does not exceed 11°C.
    • Adjust heating system bypass valve if necessary.
    • Ensure radiators are correctly balanced.
  2. Noisy boiler operation:

    • Check flow rate through the boiler and adjust pump speed if temperature rise exceeds 11°C.
    • Adjust pressure in the heating/primary system if necessary and vent the system if needed.
  3. Noise when hot water tap is opened:

    • Check F & E cistern water level and vent pump if noisy.
    • Address water hammer issues such as loose pipework and tap washers.

Causes of ‘Unsatisfactory Hot Water Service’:

  1. Ensure Systemate is full of water.
  2. Check boiler thermostat and set to maximum.
  3. Verify boiler flow temperature is adequate when firing stops.
  4. Check store is charging to at least 73°C.
  5. Ensure hot water plate heat exchanger pump operates when tap is opened and stops shortly after closing.
  6. Ensure plate heat exchanger pump is set at maximum speed.
  7. Confirm space heating and hot water load is not greater than boiler output.
  8. If all checks are satisfactory, consider scale buildup affecting heat exchanger performance.

Causes of ‘Unsatisfactory Space Heating’:

  1. Check boiler thermostat and set to maximum.
  2. Ensure boiler flow temperature before switching off is not less than 80°C.
  3. Check operation and settings of heating programmer and room thermostat.
  4. Verify heating system pump is circulating water to radiator circuit.
  5. Balance system, adjust pump speed, and check thermostatic radiator valves if some rooms are not heated properly.

Overflow from Feed and Expansion Cistern:

  • Check water level in cistern and adjust if necessary to prevent overflow.

Appliance Control Board Check:

  • Use switches SW1 and SW2 to establish/check operating and set temperatures, and identify faults on sensors.
  • Refer to manual for detailed instructions.

Powerflushing/Cleaning of Heating System:

  • Isolate Systemate appliance from heating system before powerflushing to prevent damage.
  • Follow manufacturer's instructions for powerflushing equipment.
  • Consult technical helpline if in doubt.

By following these steps and referring to the manual, technicians can effectively diagnose and address issues with the Gledhill Systemate 2000 system.